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MSFoyle was granted the right to collect throughout the ten days of the LegenDerry Carnival organised jointly by Derry City Council, Ilex and the three partners who organised the funfair. £2,055.19 was collected and the organisers contributed a further £3000. LegenDerry on Ice will run from November 28th to January 18th and the branch has again been give collection rights. Click on the flyer below to move to LegenDerry on Ice website and click on the Local Support page for an item on the funfair. Contact Terry at 02871 360831 if you would like to volunteer some hours to help with the collection

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About Us

Foyle Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society was established over 50 years ago and is a constituent branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Northern Ireland and of the UK Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The branch supports persons with MS in the Derry Council and Limavady Borough areas of Northern Ireland through a range of services and activities provided throughout the area. These include Physiotherapy, Yoga, Tai Chi/Qi Cong, Counselling and regular group meetings and social events. An office is maintained in Derry and a Development Officer is available for information, advice and representation.

MSFoyle is a thriving branch and plays an active role in the activities of the MS Societies of Northern Ireland and the UK. Over half of the members of the branch committee are persons with MS.

If you have MS, care for somebody with MS or would like to join the branch please contact us.

Contact details and a map are provided on the Who and Where page.

Who Where
Updated: 29 May 2010

The Who & Where Page has details of the branch officers, members of the committee, contact details & location of the office with link to map.

  • The 2010 Foyle Branch AGM took place on Tuesday, 25 May 2010 at 3 pm in Foyle Disability Resource Centre.
  • Pictures and a short report have been posted on the Activities & Events page.
Updated on 29 May 2010

Activities & Events
Updated: 26 Sept 2014

The Activities & Events page has details of regular activities, coming events and reports and pictures of the AGM and social events. The page contains photographs so please be patient while they download.

Most recent postings:- Events of earlier years back to 2001 are archived at Events Archive.
Updated on 26 September 2014.

Members Page
Updated: 28 May 2014

The Members Page has members' personal stories, copies of the branch newsletters & more. Updated on 28 May 2014

News & Research
Updated: 18 May 2012

The News & Research page has information, news items and summaries of local and international research. The research information is summarised in lay terms and focuses on items that, hopefully, will be of interest to members.

Latest posts:-

2011 posts and those of earlier years are archived at News Archive.

Updated on 18 May 2012

Local Support
Updated: 9 Dec 2014

The Local Support page has information on local support activities.

Support items from earlier years are archived at Support Archive .

Updated on 9 December 2014

Useful Links
Updated: 20 July 2009

The Useful Links page has links to MS sites, medical information sites, motability, benefits, carers independent living sites, etc., & a section of local community links.

The links are tabbed under three headings:- MS sites, Other Health Related sites and Local Community sites.

Most recently added links:-

Updated on 20 July 2009.